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Bend the Arc and Colleagues Submit Comments on Obama Administration Proposal to Mitigate Hobby Lobby Decision

October 21, 2014

Today, Bend the Arc joined more than 40 national civil rights, reproductive health, and faith-based organizations in submitting comments on the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury’s proposed rule for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act. The proposed rule responds to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and would expand the existing accommodation for faith-based non-profit organizations who object to providing contraceptive coverage to their employees, to include certain closely held for-profit companies. The coalition comments applaud the Administration’s continuing commitment to ensuring that women receive contraception insurance coverage without cost-sharing and urge the Administration to adopt a more narrow definition of “closely held.”

Ahead of Senate Hearing, Bend the Arc Urges Support for DC Voting Rights Bill

September 15, 2014

Today, Bend the Arc submitted a letter for the record of a Senate hearing on the New Columbia Admission Act of 2013 (S. 132), which would afford the more than 600,000 residents of the District of Columbia the voting representation, autonomy and rights already bestowed upon the rest of our nation’s citizens.

Bend the Arc and Colleagues Urge Administration to Act on Deportations

September 5, 2014

Today, Bend the Arc was one of 183 grassroots, labor, faith, legal and advocacy organizations who wrote President Obama and Senate leaders opposing any delay in administrative relief on deportations. Organized by the National Immigration Law Center, the letter notes that every day the Administration fails to act, our broken deportation system separates more than 1,000 immigrants are separated from their families.

Dispatches from DC

Bend the Arc | August 25, 2014

Prohibiting discrimination against LGBT employees. Challenging the NYPD’s blanket surveillance of Mulsims. Representing the domestic priorities of the American Jewish community. It’s time to catch up on everything Bend the Arc has been up to in DC. 

When their bodies were found

Bend the Arc | August 4, 2014


50 years ago today, over a thousand young people volunteering to register African-Americans to vote in Mississippi found out that the bodies of their missing colleagues had been discovered. Larry Rubin, one of the volunteers that summer and a friend of Bend the Arc, shares what it was like the day his friends were pronounced dead.